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Are you having money troubles? It is probably because you are managing your money with your emotions. Money is rational. You must plug into the rational nature of money to Think Your Money. Rational management of money can be accomplished with three personal finance thinking tools that in their simplest form can be operated by anyone. A personal budget is for managing your income and spending...emphasis on the spending. The only goal for budgeting is that you spend less than you earn. This leads to savings which is what will grow personal net worth on your personal net worth balance sheet. The goal accomplished by using your balance sheet is that you learn to own more than you owe. All of this is to improve your quality of life. But first you need to know where you are going or you might not get there. The tool to help you identify your goals and dreams is a personal life plan. In order to get what you want from life you must operate these 3 tools rationally because that is how money works best.

The way that money works is unisex. The rules and the tools work the same for males and females.

There are two ways to use the big 3 tools. The one we have just outlined is to analyze your personal finances using the appropriate budgets, balance sheets and life plan. The second way is to analyze how personal finance products benefit your budget, your balance sheet and your life plan. You can analyze every personal finance product available on the market with these same 3 tools. Use the perspective of how will these products improve the disposition of your family budget and your family balance sheet?...and how will it help you achieve your life goals? As you glance down you may see Compound Interest as a product. It is not exactly a product but it is the most important personal finance mechanism at work in your financial life. We highlight it as you need to see how it works within the framework of the Big 3. You also need to see how it can work for you or against you. Using this mechanism is key to your personal financial performance and whether you attain your life goals with ease or with great difficulty.

"Think Your Money"???

Most people do not analyze, contemplate or think about money other to be excited about what to buy that will make them look exciting, important and desirable. Money is a very simple entity and functions in logical and very set patterns. To get money to work for you so that you can be exciting, important and desirable requires a great deal of reading, work, analysis and competent plan execution. It requires that you Think Your Money before you earn and spend it with a heavy emphasis on the spending of your money. This is why you should use the information on this site as a resource to help you achieve a balanced lifestyle. Use our 3 tools to "Think Your Money" and you will have a much more successful and happier life. This is a lifetime project for both the visitor to this website and for the publishers. There are thousands of marketers, scammers and schemers trying to out wit you to get some of your money that they do not deserve. Your only protection is to out think them about your money so that you get what you want and not what they want. You only have 2 choices. You can be part of your own financial plan or be part of someone else's.

"Personal Finance is only 25% rational financial knowledge...this website is about how to manage that 25%"

The Rational Ways of Money

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You have 3 Personal Finance Angels

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Money operates very logically. The connection between successful financial management and the common person is centered on the ability of that person to get in touch with the rational machinations of money. Use our 3 tools to build a financially sound framework to support balance and success in all facets of your life.

To keep you interested in a modern way check out our gallery and then the library of our very own videos about personal finances and how to manage them. Use our Money Saving Tips Blog to focus on the rational connection of money and your behavior. This will focus the execution of your life plan to get what you really want.