Personal Financial Planning Guide

The goal of this plan is to use the financial tools to manage your cash flow so that you can live comfortably, buy a house and own it in this lifetime. You will plan to have enough money left at the end of your working days to support your comfortable lifestyle into retirement.

If you are already into your financial life cycle you can plug yourself into whatever step you are at in the plan and follow it to the finish. If you make progress but life throws you a curve and sets your plan back, just take the step back and move through the progression again. On your second or third time through, you move through the steps with much more discipline and therefore you move through much more quickly. I speak from experience on that point.


This plan has the essential qualities for it to be successful. First it is a plan. So many folks manage with no plan or they jump from plan to plan and lose their focus. A mediocre plan is better than no plan. This plan is for the regular Joe or Jane Doe. This is a simple plan. In business, there is the KISS rule…keep it simple stupid. This is a step by step plan for personal finances. Life is a process and that means it has stages or steps. We provide you with the tools and coaching to manage your life through the stages.


Fill out a life goals chart. It will take a few tries if you are not familiar with the concept. The concept is that you do not get what you want unless you ask for it. You need to identify what makes you happy and then focus on the behaviors and strategies that you need to employ to attain that happiness. There are a couple of financial goals that will free you to pursue that happiness.


Manage your family finances using budgets and balance sheets. We offer some free ones. You can get others that may be more comfortable for you to work with...I am sure you can find them offered here on the page. It doesn’t matter what you use as your tool, just fill out budgets and balance sheets so that you understand the state of your finances. Plan and manage your cash flow so that you have a Surplus at the end of every month. This surplus will allow you to build the asset side of your balance sheet. Your net worth should always be a positive amount and it should always be growing.


There are 3 types of tools left in the toolbox. We will provide information tools such as the glossary of terms that you need to know for managing family finances. There are coaching articles in the blog. The concept of compound interest has its own URL because it is that important of a financial concept. You need to understand it and all of its tentacles of influence on your long term household finances. It can change your perception of just about any major financial decision in your life. The bookstore is organized with books that provide proven strategies and motivation for success. Shop through to find some readings that may enlighten you on some aspects of life that you would not expect to address when managing your money.

The second kind of tool will be calculators that help you quickly sort out the consequences of financial transactions such as mortgages, car loans and tax management. Money is logical and you do yourself a favor to explore your options to their logical conclusion. The calculators get you quickly to the bottom line every time and then you can compare the bottom line of different financial choices. For the money part of any decision you can’t argue with numbers. The best bottom line provides clarity as to which choice is the best choice financially. Then you can sort out which is the best choice that fits with your goals in the other 6 aspects of your life. If your decision is not the most lucrative choice financially at least you are happy with it because it is in harmony with your other goals in life.

The third set of tools is those directly associated with aspects of your Budget and Balance sheet. Bank accounts , credit cards, mortgages, loans and the others you will find listed are all on either or both your Budget and Balance sheet. These are tools that businesses sell you to help you with the daily machination of your family finances. They all have two sides to them. They can help you make your cash flow smoother and help you build your net worth or they can plunge you into chaos and leave you broke. We will provide you with coaching and show you both the good side and the dangers of these tools.


You will have an arsenal of 40 to 50 tools to take on the world. We provide the tools and the coaching. You make your own decisions. You will live and learn from these decisions. Your first successes may be small but you should be able to build success on success. These successes compound and accumulate.