Setting Life Goals - Goal Setting Worksheet

Setting Life Goals - Goal Setting Worksheet

Happiness is defined as the situation where expectations are met by reality. To achieve happiness you first have to have some expectations. You define your expectations with a personal life plan. It is not just about managing your personal finances. You need to put money in perspective and prioritize your goals by creating a total life plan. Fill out a goal setting worksheet and you will then know how to prioritize the monies on your budget and balance sheet spreadsheets. "You've got to be careful if you don't know where you're going, 'cause you might not get there." (Yogi Berra) Plan your life so that you do not miss out. It could be the most important step you take in building your personal finances for a successful and happy life.

If you do not have a life plan how do you know if you are getting what you want from life?

How to make a life plan? - What is a Life Plan?

The Life Plan Worksheet breaks your life into 7 goal setting segments. You make a personal life plan of short, medium and long term goals for each facet of your life. When you plan your life short term goals are less than 1 year, medium term goals are from 1 year to a 5 year life plan and long term is a 10 year life plan. This is important for your finances as they are (a) only a part of your life and (b) a means to an end for the other facets of your life. Make a plan for your life and happiness. Once you set goals, you are free to focus on how to make your goals reality instead of waiting in the fog for happiness to find you.

Your personal life plan is the personal part of personal finances.

Properly managed, your money allows you to pursue success in your other life focuses. The goal is to do things that fulfill your life and make you happy. When you make a life plan you know what to spend your money on to make you happy. Then you do not waste it on things that don't make you happy.
You can download, fill in and print this as an Excel 2003 document or download, print and fill in this life goals spreadsheet. It opens in another window so that you can look and fill it in and still have access to the coaching on this page.

You also have the simple option to print this picture of a LIFE PLAN WORKSHEET and fill it out over a cup of coffee.

The seven categories are down the column side. Think about each of these facets of your life and what you want your life to be. You only get what you want if you ask for it.

Spiritual…It does not matter what your beliefs are, you will have things that you wish to do spiritually. For many this is the bottom line for defining their life.

Family…Everyone has a family. So define what you want your family to be and then do what is appropriate to make it so.

Emotional…It is quite Freudian that you can control your emotions with your rational self.

Career…Ambition and Prestige are reasons for having a career. This is very fulfilling for a lot of folks so you need to plan your path and execute your plans.

Finances…You need to manage your finances properly. You need to have plans and goals.

Social…Humans are a social species. This aspect of life is often tied in with family life.

Physical…Health and Fitness are very important to the enjoyment of life. Plan activity into your schedules that keep you at the top of your capabilities.

How do I Fill out the Goal Setting Worksheet?

The most important thing is that you just fill it out! Like your budget and your balance sheet you just need to "DO IT". Once you have done it two or three time a couple of things will happen. First you will find that you have been thinking about these goals in the back or your mind and it just gets easier to fill out the life plan worksheet. The second thing you will note is that the keys to achieving your goals are right in front of you. The things you need to do to achieve your goals were in your daily life routing already. You just had to take action. Your life goals worksheet give you the direction to know which actions to take to get what you want and which to avoid so that you do not frustrate or distract yourself from the pursuit of your personal happiness.

There are short medium and long term goals that you will set. Short term is 6 months to a year, medium term is 1 to 5 years and long term is 5 years to lifetime. Identify what you can change in each facet of your life to be closer to who you would like to be in an ideal world. For the short term set goals that are achievable in the short term. Then do the same for medium and long term goals. The medium term goals should be vaguer than your short term goals but clearer than your long term goals. You long term goals should be very general. The best description is that it is like being out on a flat country road where there are telephone poles for miles. You can see the closest poles very clearly but the further away they are the more blurred and run together they become. When setting your goals envision this perception.

Once you have this done, your budgets and balance sheets will make more
sense. You can set your financial goals to paper and see how they fit with the rest of your life.


Here are some relevant chapters from the book Think Your Money that may help coach you on how to think about your goals

First you need to take a reality check.

You need negotiate how to acheive your goals.

Choosing a partner to help you is the most important decision you will ever make.

You are setting plans for a lifetime. You should be aware of the transitions that you will go through in your life so that you can set appropriate goals.