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"I'm just a regular guy 

I'm just a regular guy 

Never got rich

Never did try

I'm just a regular guy "

Steve Earle and the Dukes

If the regular Joe or Jane doesn't want to get rich, what do they want from their personal finances? From what I can figure, they want an occupation that gives them enough money to get by, do the things that they need and want to do from day to day, and then 65% (yes only 65%) can own a house.  Once the kids are raised and the work is done they want to have a comfortable retirement. Seems modest enough but in reality this is a huge undertaking.  The purpose of this website is to give you as many tools, as much coaching and enough motivation to manage your money so that you get out of life what you really want.

In light of the current economic situation this task seems even more challenging.  I am here to tell you it can be done.  15 years ago I was in a personal and financial hole so deep that the light at the end of the tunnel was a speck the size of the tip of a needle.  I made it out of that hole and so can you.  

Mostly you will find that you need an attitude adjustment. You have to figure out that: Yes, I can do this!!!!!   After that it is just how do you do it.  Like for any task you need tools and instructions.  What we have is lots of time.  If you don't think this is not going to take time, think again.  Time is a tool and money and it work together. You can either use them to help you or someone will use them to bury you under a mountain of debt.    Here is an outline of what is coming.

  • To get started you need some motivation.  Some days you may be a self starter and other days you need the paddles cranked to the max to get your heart started.  So I have a identified 20 books that I find inspiring when I need help getting started and I will publish a URL so that you can buy them.  If you think they might help you, you can buy them here on this site and have them delivered to your house so you can use them as well. Some of the books are about getting organized and there are others that are about analyzing and solving personal issues that stand in the way of your personal and financial success.  These books are an investment in your future well being and will pay for themselves a thousand times over.

  • On the right hand side of this website you will see the toolbox.  It contains basic planning tables that you can print out.  So print them out.  Get a cup of coffee and sit down for a while and fill them out.  Take some time to analyze the results once you add things up.  Remember, turning around your finances will take time measured in years.  So try to relax and figure out where your personal and your financial reality is.      

  • I have written articles on how to use the toolbox to dig yourself out of debt and correct your unbalanced budget and balance sheet to positive cash flow and increasing net worth scenarios.  Some of these may not address your present situation and others will.  They will be short articles that break the strategies for dealing with your personal finances into stages or steps.  One step or article will coach you to the next level where there will be another article with coaching on how to use financial tools to deal with that step.  These will be offered in the newsletter that you will sign up for on this website.  You may only use some of the ideas but you will find ideas that you can use.

  • We are aligning ourselves with some power tool financial products that you can use to reduce your cash outflow and wasteful spending.  There is a financial saying that goes: "Where ever you leak, someone hangs a bucket".  The first several years of financial healing is usually plugging the leaks in your financial boat.  Like  time, the financial power tools can be worked for you
    or against you.  We will offer you financial tools with integrity.  Your job will be to use them with integrity to dig yourself out of debt and heal your  personal finances.

  • Once out of the deep, dark hole of debt we will continue to give you booklets, books and tools to continue improving your personal finance growth.  You will have the attitudes to sustain your prosperity and attain financial security.


There is a line in the investment business that goes, "Be a part of your retirement plan or you will be part of someone else's." The more blunt version is, "You snooze...You lose." So when the instructions say put the sheet together and fill it in, do that for your own good. This is what the folks who really have stuff do. They are not the flamboyant guys on TV or in now in jail.  The successful folks just manage their money with a piece of paper and a sharp pencil (calculator) and generally don't show off.  But they always have anything they want. Makes you say, Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm????  

Turning around personal finances is like steering a supertanker or a jumbo jet. You change the rudder and then you have to wait awhile before you see that you are actually turning. For personal finances the short term is months and years and the long term is decades to a lifetime.  We expect that you should have to come back and use the resources on this site often.  You may even want to contribute your success story in a few years.  So bookmark this website and check in for new booklets and new financial power tools.  We plan to be here to serve you for a long time.