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Use 'Direct Buy' for Home Reno Savings

A lot of folks have seen the advertisements and have heard some water cooler chatter about DIRECT BUY. I have been a member for 5 years and have saved tens of thousands of dollars using this service. The way it works is that you buy a membership which gives you access to their list of suppliers. The membership is expensive (approximately $5000 at this time). After two years you pay a renewal fee each year and this is currently under $200. The suppliers allow you to order through DIRECT BUY and purchase a wide selection of goods at wholesale prices. The savings are there for you to harvest. You can definitely pay for your membership and still save tens of thousands of dollars. You just have to have the correct strategies to capture savings using this tool. So what are the correct strategies?

  • You have to spend money to save money and this is one of those kinds of tools. You need to have the money to afford the membership fee plus you need to be able to afford to do the project that will allow you to save your membership fee 5 or 10 times over. The one project that fits this bill is that you are planning a renovation or you are building a custom home. Most of the products offered are finishing products for construction or product for decorating and furnishing your home. You will get the low quality items for 30% to 40% off but you can get high quality items for 50% to 60% off. A lot of criticism is that you can get the materials as cheap on sales and at local discount stores. This may be true of the cheap stuff but a lot of the custom items must be ordered from the factory even by retailers so there will be no break on the price. You may spend as much per square foot as the cheap guys who dis Direct Buy, but your home will be filled with beautiful, high quality products that you will be proud to surround yourself with. 
  • You have to be a capable construction manager and have the time to do it. Planning the job and managing trades people is challenging. To use DIRECT BUY you will be buying the materials first and then hiring trades to install them. This is often different than the way they normally work where you buy the materials from the retailer and they have their installers. If you can manage this aspect of such a project, you will compound your savings. I did a huge renovation in the fourth year of my retirement. It was 12 hours a day seven days a week for a year. If you can’t give your project that kind of focus you will need to hire a contractor that is familiar with DIRECT BUY and can help you capture the potential savings. At the very least you or your contractor needs to be able to measure out and then install the products you order for your home. You will need to be competent and have great communication skills.
  • You will need a truck. You are buying like a retailer so you will have to get the items you order from the warehouse at DIRECT BUY or the supplier’s warehouse and transport them to your house. To have items delivered will cost you especially now that fuel prices are up and this eats into your savings.
  • There are some products that are stars and there are some dogs for savings potential. The one item that will pay for your membership in one buy is cabinets for your kitchen or for a bar. Yes you can save that much!!!! In our experience we saved on tile, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, carpeting, underlay, and cabinets for the bar and the laundry room. We saved 50% on electric fireplaces and even more on some beautiful and unique lighting. We have saved on appliances and furniture. In a round about way I can credit DB with our savings on the plumbing for 5 bathrooms including an exquisite ensuite bathroom. I knew I could negotiate a good price at DB so when I shopped the local supplier I was able to discreetly negotiate as good of a price there. Our plumbing is of the best quality on both sides of the wall. And I negotiated 45% off of the retail price without ever mentioning DIRECT BUY.
  • There are some areas where the retail market is so competitive that margins are thin. For these items you are better to shop retail. If that is all you want, then DB is not for you. The one that comes to mind for me is electronics. The box stores deal in such volume that they can keep the prices low and make their profits on sheer volume. Even on cables you can do better by shopping on eBay. There is power in knowing that. I had a shopping experience for electronics similar to my plumbing shop. I did as well retail as I could have at DIRECT BUY without even mentioning their name in the negotiation. Knowledge is power.

If you have the financial engines, the ambitions and the capacities to take advantage of this tool, you need an invitation to go to a DIRECT BUY presentation at a location near you. There are 168 locations in North America that you are welcome to visit. If you want an invitation we can arrange that you get one. All we need is that you contact us and tell us your first and last name and let us know you are interested. We will copy the e-mail address from your note and forward these 2 bits of information to DIRECT BUY. They will contact you and follow up with an invitation to check out this tool.

Get Direct Buy Information. Click here for an invitation to check out your local Direct Buy opportunity.