Monthly Budget Spreadsheet

Monthly Budget Spreadsheet

Regular folks usually get paid bi-weekly or monthly. When they pay you and how much depends on the nature of the business that you make your income in. So I made up some printable budget worksheets to reflect that. The most important thing is that with or without a few modifications on your part, you should be able to use all or part of one of these budget templates to get a grip on where your money is coming from and where it is going to. The places where you enter income and expenses can stay the same but you can rework the calendar to reflect the starting and finishing point of your budget. You can print out a 3 month or a 6 month budget worksheet just by limiting the number of pages you command your printer to copy.

You can download, fill in and print this Excel 2003 document or download, print and fill in this budget speadsheet. It opens in another window so that you can look and fill it in and still have access to the coaching on this page.

If your income and expenses are better laid out on a monthly basis print this table. If you are paid bi-weekly, click here and get a table to fill out that is more compatible to the timing of your budget. In all cases you should fill out a full budget spreadsheet to thoroughly explore your income and expenses. That way your quickie budget will not be missing some important expenses. I am sure that one of the reasons you are exploring making a family budget is that you are tired of surprises.

If you are working on your budget, you know that you need to spend less than you earn. With our monthly budget you can print out this table, take it and a cup of coffee to the kitchen table and work out your bi-weekly cash flow. It costs you nothing but time, 3 pieces of paper and some ink. Or you can go to the competition and they all want money for "a very professional version" or something you fill out on your computer. When you are working out your household budget you are just a regular guy trying to get the job done for as little cost as possible. If you are going to control your spending, you set the tone right here where you are making up your budget. Then shop around the site and look for the coaching articles. If you need more coaching, go to the contact form and ask me where to get more coaching. I have articles posted on the web and we can send you to the URLs. In the future these will be part of the "Financial Healing Course" that is being put together. You can also go to "Steve's Recommended Readings" to shop for some helpful information that has been on the shelves for years. There is nothing new in the world of finance so the topic is well addressed.

To view our 'Monthly Budget Spreadsheet' click on the following link and the pdf will open in a new window. You can save a copy of this file to your computer using your Adobe reader or you can simply right click on this link and save to your 'my computer'

Monthly Budget Spreadsheet


Here are some relevant chapters from the book Think Your Money that may help coach you on how to think about budgeting.

You need to think about the income side of your budget. There are many ways to make money.

People who do best with their personal finances understand and properly manage the spending side of their budget.

Once you control spending you can start saving.

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