Quick Net Worth Spreadsheet

Net Worth Spreadsheet - Quick Net Worth

A big part of managing your personal finances is monitoring your progress. That is what this little tool is for. Once you have mastered what you need to enter into the full spreadsheet, you should be able to lump like items together and plug them into this much less complicated version. You are then able to take a quick snapshot of progress made or not made in the struggle to build wealth.

You can download, fill in and print this Excel 2003 document or download, print and fill in this budget speadsheet. It opens in another window so that you can look and fill it in and still have access to the coaching on this page.

You should always fill out the full spreadsheet first and do your review at least once or twice per year on a full net worth worksheet. Several articles will be added in the course to help you understand the dynamics of the messages that are within a balance sheet. It may look simple but that is not the case.

Why Fill Out a Net Worth Spreadsheet? - the Movie

Your personal balance sheet is at least as important as your personal budget if not more important. Your personal budget tells you how you are doing paycheck to paycheck. It is like quizzes. You can ace one and bomb on another one and you expect one every couple of weeks or each month. Your balance sheet is the report card. It adds up all the totals and lets you know if you have passed or failed personal finances. However it is very clear that most folks do not know much about a balance sheet.

Download this spreadsheet Quick Net Worth Spreadsheet

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