Is it bad to think always about money?

Answer to: Is it bad to think always about money?

This question can be put in perspective by using the Big 3 tools of personal finance to analyze it.

If you just like to think only about money all of the time you need to get it into perspective. Do some work with the goal setting worksheet to increase your awareness of the other facets of your life. Once you understand that there is more to life than making and spending money and you set goals in those areas of your life you will allow yourself to stop thinking so much about money.

If you already understand this but you have money problems then you need to focus on properly filling out and managing your budget and balance sheet. You may be thinking too much about money because you are spending more than you make or you owe more than you own. Get your life in perspective and manage your money properly. Then you will think less about it and enjoy it more.