Should I Sell Now???

I like a diversified portfolio of dividend generating stocks bought for long-term income. It is the same formula that Warren Buffet was taught and has used to make his fortune.

Too many people buy a mutual fund at its peak, sell in a panic when it drops 10 per cent, and then rant against "casino markets." But some will buy again – after the market has gone back up to the top.

Or they swing for the fence buying things they do not understand trying to hit a home run, and then blame insiders for scooping up all the money when they strike out.

Some approaches to investing focus on capital gains, others on income.

Any approach based on guessing where a stock is going to be 20 weeks from now is asking for trouble unless you are really lucky. I take a long-term approach to investing, buying mainly stocks with sustainable and rising dividends.

If it does not pay a secure dividend (or in the case of REITs, a "distribution") I am not interested.

I have no intention of selling any of my shares, as I only care about the dividend, and most of my stocks have had one or more dividend hikes in the past year.

I don't hover over my portfolio, wondering whether to buy or sell this or that. The day to day market ups and downs are noise. When I buy a stock, I only have to be right once – about the price I am paying for an ongoing and rising stream of dividend income. People who regularly buy and sell have to be right twice – when to get in and when to get out. I am not that lucky, and I don't need the aggravation.

Long term means 20 years from now, not 20 weeks from now.