Personal Finance Budgeting

Financial Therapy and Financial Literacy are hot topics these days. We have experienced the depths of financial despair and have fully recovered. We will share the keys to Financial Therapy and Rehabilitation with you. We will not waste time asking "why?" but we will show you the actions you must take to manage your personal finances and your personal finance personality.

We start with the Big 3 tools of Financial Therapy and Rehabilitation:

Your Life Plan is the personal part of personal finances. If you don’t know where you are going you might not get there. Set life goals  in 7 facets and 3 time frames of life. Then use the rest of the tool box to accomplish them.

  • Your Budget is for planning and managing your cash flow. Realize what your income is and spend less than you make. Prioritize your spending with your life plan in mind.

  • Your Balance Sheet is your financial power base. You need to own more than you owe. Your Personal Net Worth should grow until retirement and then you can use it to finance your golden years.

  • In the Financial Toolbox are the tools to be managed within the parameters set by your personal life goals, your budget and your balance sheet. Your success should not just be financial but a total life of well being and happiness.

    This website contains:

    • The book: “Think Your Money” which addresses the personal side of family finances.
    • We show you your psychological strengths and weaknesses..."The demons".
    • We show you where to get help depending on the challenges that you are facing as you try to manage the Big 3 financial tools. We will introduce you to "Financial Heroes" to help you heal your household finances. Learn what to look for in Financial Mentors, Coaches and Therapists.
    • We show you the tools offered in the personal finance marketplace. We explain how you need to thinkyourmoney so that you manage these products to your advantage.
    • Add time (years and decades of time) and your determination and effort and you too can build a happy and successful life.

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