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We are a very different money page. There are several things that make Thinkyourmoney unique in the literature about money.

First our agenda is simple and pure. We want to educate people about how to analyze money and its affect on day to day life decisions. We provide you with 3 tools and introduce life situations where you can apply these tools to make better life decisions.

Two, we take a balanced approach to managing your money. Money is only one facet of many you must have in your life. Your management of money affects the other aspects of your life. Money management goals must be managed to be in harmony with the goals in the other aspects of your life.

Three, we understand the many facets of the psychology that affect money management. Money is numbers and it operates in very logical patterns with very predictable results and outcomes. For best financial outcomes, emotions should not affect financial decisions. For best life outcomes, all facets of life must be considered when making financial decisions.

The final thing that makes us unique is that we are selling nothing more than well thought out personal financial advice. If anything the advice we give is something that will make the job of many sellers of financial services work much harder to provide products that are best for you rather than best for the seller. The advice we give will require them to justify their charges and income by how much work they actually do for you. You will also find you can do a lot of this work yourself and keep more for you. All it will cost you is time and when you analyze things, you will understand that it is very valuable time.


Who is this for? The folks who should get the most of this will be aged 35 to 60. You are finally maturing and according to most cultures you reach the peak of you maturity and capacity in your mid 50s. You will be applying skills to the maximum income you will ever make in your life in most cases. You will carry the maximum responsibility in your work. You will have kids to nurture and teach about money. In a lot of cases you will also be caring for aging parents who are coming off of the peak capacity and losing capacity gradually.

I am 60 years old but did not have much success until I was in my mid 40s. I retired at 52. The thing is that most successful folks are like me...you struggled and now you know what needs to be done. Young humans have a lot of psychological barriers to having financial success. They really have trouble connecting with the logical nature of money transactions and machinations. At that time of life behavior is more driven by primal needs and emotions. Money is logical and predictable. Your mind and logical thinking become more dominant in middle age and matures in your 50s. Hence maturity means you start thinking more in tune with how money works. Hence this is why you need to "Think your Money". They need help from you...welcome to the sandwich generation. The benefits go to all generations from you being able to manage money wisely. You can know what to expect from them and how to communicate with them about money. This framework gives you tools to center your conversations and instructions about money so that they remain consistent through the years. All gernerations need your help and this is why you need to focus on how to "Think your Money".


Personal financial planning – Finally you can manage your own money properly. Use our 3 financial tools to manage your own personal finances to get what you want from life instead of following the herd.

Teaching your children – There is no magic wand that you can pass over your kids to get them to immediately learn to manage money like a mature adult like you. You cannot put an old head on young shoulders. However, you can plant the seeds of thought and introduce them to proper ways to manage personal finances. Here is another quote from a really smart guy…Albert Einstein…“Learning by example is not just one way to learn, it is the only way to learn”. Use the big 3 tools of personal finances and let them watch your success. They will still be balking and stubborn children. But just like me, they gradually give in to apply smart thinking to their personal finances and life. The final result is that they too will embrace success and what it takes to achieve it.

Helping Aging Parents – The only thing that is more difficult than teaching your children is managing your parents as they enter old age. Most are beyond stubborn. They cling to their independence to the point of endangering their own safety (not just when behind the wheel of a car). Being the responsible part of the sandwich generation is a very challenging experience. Our big 3 tools should help you understand when your parents are drifting from logical management of money. It should help you look into the future to see what needs to be planned and executed to protect them and you…you the responsible one(s).

My Credentials

I always liked money and was good at math. I could always roll numbers quickly in my head and liked to manipulate numbers in my head. I know for some folks, money and numbers are like a language that they do not comprehend in any way, shape or form. That is why there are tools to help…these tools are a budget and a balance sheet. I got paid bi-weekly so I used the appropriate budget to make sure that I would spend less than I earned. I filled out a detailed balance sheet and then I kept a vigil on my progress by filling out a quickie balance sheet every 6 months or so.

My education includes a degree in Economics and Psychology. There is a new wave of interest in the interaction of these two facets of Money called Behavioral Economics. I guess I was one of the earliest to enroll without really knowing it. I lovingly have learned to describe the interaction as Psycho-economics.

We ended up with a Family of 4 kids in a blended family. In addition we have 2 widowed Moms and we were surprised by all the complications that go with that. I have not only spent my time observing the machinations of money but have observed Life, Death, Love, Children, Divorce, Divorce with children, and near Bankruptcy. For 30 years I read about personal finances, studied the subject and tried just about every hair brained get rich quick scheme that was shown to me...all for naught. Finally I found Maturity and Success. 12 years after near bankruptcy I retired. I retired to something and have never returned to the traditional 40 hour per week work place and never plan to.

My working life included the occupations of truck driving, accounting, landscaping, grocery clerking, bar tending, ski instructing, paving, painting and farming. I finally settled on a career and spent 26 years with an international airline. I did not climb the corporate ladder but worked in a union position. I focused on managing a balanced life outside of that job.

I retired at age 52 and we are mortgage free. I live near the beach town of White Rock, British Columbia with my lovely wife and blended family that includes 4 children. There I continue to manage life and am pleased to have joined the publishing revolution. My work experiences, my education, the books I have read and my life experiences have combined to form the background for my writing.

What can this website do for you?

This website is about the rational side of money...hence the title "ThinkYourMoney" Money operates in very logical and rigid patterns just like computers. They both are very unforgiving if you do not follow the logical patterns. Therefore you want to "ThinkYourMoney" before you make it and spend it. If you use the Big 3 tools to manage every financial product you use and every financial decision you make you can duplicate my success. For money the most rewarding financial mechanism you can use is compound interest. A properly managed budget and balance sheet helps you to compound savings and to use compound interest which will lead to you achieving financial freedom and security.

You too can build your finances using these tools. Keep this site bookmarked so you can return for more information and spreadsheets. You can also attain financial mentoring and coaching from our Money Saving Tips Blog.

Contact me with feedback or questions.